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Cladonia bellidiflora (Ach.) Schaer. Lich. Helv. Spic. 1(1): 21. 1823.
 Lichen bellidiflorus Ach. Lichenogr. Suec. Prodr. 194. 1799 ['1798']. 'Suecia' (Sweden), E. Acharius s.n.
  Lectotype H-ACH- No. 1569A, Isolectotype BM-Ach?- No. 726
  : Ahti, T. 1993. Names in current use in the Cladoniaceae (Lichen-forming Ascomycetes) in the ranks of genus to variety. In: Greuter, W. ( ed.). Regnum Veg. 28: 58-106.
 = Cladonia bellidiflora var. crassa Räsänen Ann. Bot. Soc. Zool.-Bot. Fenn. Vanamo 20(3): 20. 1944. Chile, Capitán Prat, Lago San Martín Glaciares, 1933, A. Donat 13.
  Lectotype H, Isolectotype H
  : Ahti, T. and H. Kashiwadani. 1984. The lichen genera Cladia, Cladina and Cladonia in southern Chile. Pp. 125-151. In: Inoue, H. (ed.). Studies on cryptogams in southern Chile. Tokyo.