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Cladonia botrytes (K. G. Hagen) Willd. Fl. Berol. Prodr. 365. 1787.
 Lichen botrytes K. G. Hagen Tent. Hist. Lich. 121, t. 2, f. 9. 1782. Russia, Kaliningrad Region (East Prussia), Wilke ('in silua Wilky') and near Tiefensee ('Tieffensee'), K. G. Hagen
  Lectotype - Drawing in Hagen, Tent. Hist. Lich.: t. 2, fig. 9 (first specimen from left). 1782
  : Ahti, T. 1993. Names in current use in the Cladoniaceae (Lichen-forming Ascomycetes) in the ranks of genus to variety. In: Greuter, W. ( ed.). Regnum Veg. 28: 58-106.