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Cladonia chlorophaea (Flörke ex Sommerf.) Spreng. Syst. Veg. 4(1): 273. 1-7 Jun 1827.
 Cenomyce chlorophaea Flörke ex Sommerf. Suppl. Fl. Lapp. 130. 1826. Norway, Nordland, Saltdalen, C. Sommerfelt s.n.
  Lectotype O- No. L249
  : Ahti, T. 1993. Names in current use in the Cladoniaceae (Lichen-forming Ascomycetes) in the ranks of genus to variety. In: Greuter, W. ( ed.). Regnum Veg. 28: 58-106.
 Cladonia pyxidata subsp. chlorophaea (Flörke ex Sommerf.) Schaer. Lich. Helv. Spic. 7(6): 290. 1833.
 Cladonia pyxidata var. chlorophaea (Flörke ex Sommerf.) Flörke De Cladon. 70. Jul 1828.