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Cladonia fruticulosa Kremp. Verh. K.K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien 30, Abh.: 331. Jan-Apr 1881 ['1880']. Australia, Queensland, Rockingham Bay, J. Dallachy s.n.
  Lectotype M, Isolectotype MEL, NSW, REN-Abbayes
  : Archer, A. W. 1986a. Nomenclatural notes on some Australian Cladonia species. Lichenologist 18: 241-246.
 = Cladonia physodalica Elix Lichenes Australasici Exsiccati 9: [2]. Dec 1990. Australia, Queensland, Main Coast Range, Mt. Lewis Track, Mary Creek, 15 km NNW of Mt. Molloy, 1984, J. A. Elix & H. Streimann 16947.
  Holotype CANB, Isotype CANL, DUKE, FH, G, H, MIN, NY, O, UPS, US
 = Cladonia subpityrea Sandst. in Keissler Kryptogamae exsiccatae a Museo Palatino Vindobonensi editae No. 3056. 1928 [label]. The Philippines, Luzon, Manila, Dumulmog, 1500 m, E. D. Merrill ('as G. K. Merrill')
  Lectotype W, Isolectotype BP, BPI, F, G, GB, H, MIN, NY, O, S, US- (2), WU
  : Nuno, M. 1976. On the identity of Cladonia subpityrea Sandst. and C. merrillii Sandst. J. Jap. Bot. 51: 381-384.