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Cladonia sarmentosa (Hook. f. & Taylor) C. W. Dodge Brit. Austral. New Zealand Antarct. Res. Exped. 1929-1931 Rep., Ser. B, 7: 129. 1948.
 Cenomyce sarmentosa Hook. f. & Taylor London J. Bot. 3: 651. 1 Dec 1844. New Zealand, Auckland Islands ('Lord Auckland's group'), 1844, J. D. Hooker 1569.
  Lectotype BM, Isolectotype FH-Taylor
  : Ahti, T., S. Stenroos and A. W. Archer. 1990. Some species of Cladonia, published by J. D. Hooker & T. Taylor from the Southern Hemisphere. Muelleria 7: 173-177.