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Onagraceae - The Evening Primrose Family


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11 taxa retrieved in the genus Gayophytum. Return to the previous page.

Gayophytum (Description)

Gayophytum decipiens H. Lewis & Szweyk. (Description )

    Gayophytum diffusum Torr. & A. Gray (Description )

      Gayophytum diffusum Torr. & A. Gray subsp. diffusum (Description )

        Gayophytum diffusum Torr. & A. Gray subsp. parviflorum H. Lewis & Szweyk. (Description )

          Gayophytum eriospermum Coville (Type Data, Description )

            Gayophytum heterozygum H. Lewis & Szweyk. (Description )

              Gayophytum humile A. Juss. (Description )

                Gayophytum micranthum Hook. & Arn. (Description )

                  Gayophytum oligospermum H. Lewis & Szweyk. (Description )

                    Gayophytum racemosum Torr. & A. Gray (Description )

                      Gayophytum ramosissimum Torr. & A. Gray (Description )

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