Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
   Fabaceae -- The Pea Family
General Information
DistributionA genus of about 20 species of the New World tropics and subtropics.
Erect, climbing, or creeping annual or perennial herbs.
Leaves pinnately trifoliolate or rarely unifoliolate, stipellate; stipules strongly nerved.
Flowers papilionaceous, solitary or in clusters of 2(-3) in long pseudoracemes, bracts caducous; calyx lobes 5, subequal or the lowest ones reduced; corolla maroon, dark purple, crimson, or rarely white, wings longer than standard and keel, both wing and keel claws long, partly adnate to staminal tube, the keel twisted; upper stamen distinct, the other 9 connate into a tube; style bent near base and also with a thickened apical part abruptly bent 90° forming a squarish hook, bearded on the apical thickened part, primarily on upper (adaxial) side; stigma capitate.
Pods cylindrical or compressed, straight or falcate, dehiscent, valves rather thin, spirally twisted.
Seeds few to numerous.