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aquifoliaceae; Island = any. (4 records)



Ilex anomala Hook. & Arn.
Status: Indigenous
Distribution: K/ O/ Mo/ L/ M/ H
Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
United States Status: No Status
Synonyms: Byronia anomala (Hook. & Arn.) A. Heller, Byronia helleri H. Lév., Byronia sandwicensis Endl., Byronia taitensis A. Gray, Ilex anomala f. sandwicensis (Endl.) Loes., Ilex anomala f. taitensis (A. Gray) Nadeaud, Ilex hawaiensis S. Y. Hu, Ilex marquesensis F. Br., Ilex sandwicensis (Endl.) Loes., Ilex taitensis (A. Gray) J. W. Moore, Polystigma hookeri Meisn.

    Ilex aquifolium L.
    Status: Naturalized
    Distribution: EM (Olinda)/ H (Pua`akala Ranch, Mauna Kea)

      Ilex cassine L.
      Status: Naturalized
      Distribution: O (Whitmore Village)/ H (Puna Dist., Hwy 11)

        Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil.
        Status: Naturalized
        Distribution: O (Ko: Manoa and Waiahole Valleys)

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