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Hawaiian flower
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sapotaceae; Island = any. (4 records)



Chrysophyllum oliviforme L.
Status: Naturalized
Distribution: K/ O/ M (Lahaina and Makawao Districts)/ H

    Planchonella sandwicensis (A. Gray) Pierre
    Status: Endemic   
    Publication Information
    Distribution: K/ O/ Mo/ L/ M/ H
    Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
    United States Status: No Status
    Synonyms: Myrsine molokaiensis H. Lév., Planchonella auahiensis (Rock) Skottsb., Planchonella auahiensis var. aurantia (Rock) Skottsb., Planchonella aurantium (Rock) Skottsb., Planchonella ceresolii (Rock) H. St. John, Planchonella puulupensis Baehni & O. Deg., Planchonella rhynchosperma (Rock) H. St. John, Planchonella sandwicensis var. aurata (Hillebr.) Dubard, Planchonella sandwicensis f. densiflora (Hillebr.) Lauener, Planchonella sandwicensis var. molokaiense (H. Lév.) Lauener, Planchonella sandwicensis f. puulupensis (Baehni & O. Deg.) H.J. Lam, Planchonella sandwicensis var. spathulata (Hillebr.) H.J. Lam, Planchonella spathulata (Hillebr.) Pierre, Planchonella spathulata var. densiflora (Hillebr.) Dubard, Planchonella spathulata var. molokaiensis (H. Lév.) H. St. John, Pouteria auahiensis (Rock) Fosberg, Pouteria aurantia (Rock) Fosberg, Pouteria ceresolii (Rock) Fosberg, Pouteria rhynchosperma (Rock) Fosberg, Pouteria sandwicensis (A. Gray) Baehni & O. Deg., Pouteria spathulata (Hillebr.) Fosberg, Sapota sandwicensis A. Gray, Sideroxylon auahiensis Rock, Sideroxylon auahiensis var. aurantium Rock, Sideroxylon ceresolii Rock, Sideroxylon rhynchosperma Rock, Sideroxylon sandwicense (A. Gray) Benth. & Hook. ex Hillebr., Sideroxylon sandwicense var. auratum Hillebr., Sideroxylon spathulatum Hillebr., Sideroxylon spathulatum var. densiflorum Hillebr., Sideroxylon spathulatum var. molokaiense (H. Lév.) Rock, Suttonia molokaiensis (H. Lév.) H. Lév.

      Sideroxylon persimile (Hemsl.) T.D. Penn.
      Status: Naturalized
      Distribution: O/ L/ EM
      Synonyms: Bumelia buxifolia (Misapplied)

        Sideroxylon polynesicum (Hillebr.) Smedmark & Anderb.
        Status: Indigenous
        Distribution: K/ O/ Mo/ L/ M
        Conservation Assessment: Vulnerable in Hawaiian Islands; extra-Hawaiian distribution
        United States Status: No Status
        Synonyms: Chrysophyllum polynesicum Hillebr., Isonandra polynesica (Hillebr.) Benth. & Hook. ex Drake, Nesoluma polynesicum (Hillebr.) Baill., Nesoluma polynesicum subf. gracilis H.J. Lam., Nesoluma polynesicum subf. laurinum H.J. Lam., Nesoluma polynesicum f. longipetiolatum H.J. Lam., Nesoluma polynesicum f. macrophyllum H.J. Lam., Nesoluma polynesicum f. microphyllum H.J. Lam., Nesoluma polynesicum var. glabrum f. longipetiolatum H.J. Lam.

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