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Asplenium; species like "polyodon"; Island = any. (1 record)



Asplenium polyodon G. Forst.
Status: Indigenous
Distribution: HI exc. Ni, Ka
Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
United States Status: No Status
Synonyms: Asplenium adiantoides (L.) C. Chr., Asplenium caudatum sensu auct., Asplenium caudatum var. sectum Hillebr., Asplenium cookii Copel., Asplenium falcatum sensu auct., Asplenium falcatum f. auriculatum Skottsb., Asplenium falcatum f. cookii (Copel.) Skottsb., Asplenium falcatum var. nitidulum Skottsb., Asplenium falcatum f. persectum Skottsb., Asplenium falcatum var. sectum Hillebr., Asplenium falcatum subsp. subcaudatum Skottsb., Asplenium florentinum W. H. Wagner, Asplenium nitidulum Hillebr., Tarachia polyodon (G. Forst.) C. Presl, Trichomanes adiantoides L.

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