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Clermontia; species like "peleana"; Island = any. (2 records)



Clermontia peleana Rock subsp. peleana
Status: Endemic   
Type Information
Distribution: H (windward slopes of Mauna Kea and formerly Mauna Loa) (ex?)

Conservation Assessment: Extinct?
United States Status: Endangered
Synonyms: Clermontia peleana Rock

Clermontia peleana Rock subsp. singuliflora (Rock) Lammers
Status: Endemic   
Publication Information
Distribution: EM (windward slopes of Haleakala/ H (windward slopes of Mauna Kea) (ex)
Conservation Assessment: Extinct
United States Status: Endangered
Synonyms: Clermontia clermontioides var. barbata (Rock) H. St. John, Clermontia clermontioides var. mauiensis Hochr., Clermontia clermontioides var. singuliflora (Rock) Hochr., Clermontia gaudichaudii var. barbata Rock, Clermontia gaudichaudii var. singuliflora Rock, Clermontia singuliflora (Rock) Rock

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