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Hawaiian flower
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Crepidomanes; species like "minutum"; Island = any. (1 record)



Crepidomanes minutum (Blume) K. Iwats.
Status: Indigenous
Distribution: HI
Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
United States Status: No Status
Synonyms: Crepidomanes proliferum (Blume) Bostock, Gonocormus minutus (Blume) Bosch, Gonocormus prolifer (Blume) Prantl, Gonocormus saxifragoides (C. Presl) Bosch, Trichomanes latilabiatum E.D. Br., Trichomanes minutum Blume, Trichomanes minutum Blume, Trichomanes proliferum Blume, Trichomanes saxifragoides C. Presl, Trichomanes sibthorpioides Gaudich.

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