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Labordia; species like "cyrtandrae"; Island = any. (2 records)



Labordia cyrtandrae (Baill.) H. St. John
Status: Endemic   
Publication Information
Distribution: O (Wa: Makaha Valley; Hale`au`au Gulch; Ko)
Conservation Assessment: Endangered
United States Status: Endangered
Synonyms: Geniostoma cyrtandrae Baill., Labordia hypoleuca O. Deg.

    Labordia hirtella H. Mann
    Status: Endemic   
    Type Information
    Distribution: east K/ O (Ko: Nu`uanu to Wailupe Valleys)/ Mo/ L/ M/ H
    Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
    United States Status: No Status
    Synonyms: Labordia baillonii H. St. John, Labordia cyrtandrae var. nihikuana Sherff, Labordia echitis Baill., Labordia hirtella var. haleakalana Sherff, Labordia hirtella var. hispidior Sherff, Labordia hirtella var. imbricata O. Deg. & Sherff, Labordia hirtella var. laevis Sherff, Labordia hirtella var. laevisepala O. Deg. & Sherff, Labordia hirtella var. microcalyx Hillebr., Labordia hirtella var. microphylla Hillebr., Labordia hirtella var. sororia Sherff, Labordia hypoleuca var. nahikuana (Sherff) O. Deg. & I. Deg., Labordia membranacea H. Mann, Labordia membranacea var. exigua Sherff, Labordia olympiana Sherff, Labordia pallida H. Mann, Labordia pallida var. hispidula Sherff, Labordia pedunculata Sherff, Labordia wawrana Sherff

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