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Plantago; species like "pachyphylla"; Island = any. (2 records)



Plantago hawaiensis (A. Gray) Pilg.
Status: Endemic   
Publication Information
Distribution: H
Conservation Assessment: Endangered
United States Status: Endangered
Synonyms: Plantago gaudichaudiana H. Lév., Plantago hawaiensis var. laxa Pilg., Plantago pachyphylla subvar gracilis A. Gray, Plantago pachyphylla var. hawaiensis A. Gray

    Plantago pachyphylla A. Gray
    Status: Endemic   
    Type Information
    Distribution: K (Alaka`i Swamp; Mt Wai`ale`ale)/ O (Ko)/ Mo (Pepe`opae Bog)/ M/ H (Kohala Mts; Kahuku Ranch)
    Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
    United States Status: No Status
    Synonyms: Plantago glabrifolia (Rock) Pilg., Plantago glabrifolia var. fibrillosa Pilg., Plantago grayana Pilg., Plantago grayana var. abrotanelloides Skottsb., Plantago grayana var. pusilla (Wawra) Skottsb., Plantago grayana f. subglabra Skottsb., Plantago hillebrandii Pilg., Plantago krajinai Pilg., Plantago melanchorus Pilg., Plantago muscicola (Rock) Pilg., Plantago pachyphylla f. crassicaudex Rock, Plantago pachyphylla var. glabrifolia Rock, Plantago pachyphylla f. intermedia Rock, Plantago pachyphylla var. intermedia Skottsb., Plantago pachyphylla var. kavaiensis A. Gray, Plantago pachyphylla var. maviensis A. Gray, Plantago pachyphylla var. minor Pilg., Plantago pachyphylla f. montis-eeka Rock, Plantago pachyphylla var. muscicola Rock, Plantago pachyphylla var. pusilla Wawra, Plantago pachyphylla f. robusta Rock, Plantago pachyphylla var. rotundifolia Wawra

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