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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

16 records.

Carapa guianensis   

Collected by: Lorence, D.H. No. 8784
Collection Date: 14 Sep 2001
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Koloa District. National Tropical Botanical Garden in Lawai Valley, Economic section on W side of Lawai Stream. Alt. 20 m.
Latitude: 21°53'30" N Longitude: 159°30'30" W
Barcode: 00674119 US Sheet Number: 03429547    
Melia azedarach   

Collected by: Flynn, T.; Lorence, D.; DeLappe, R. No. 2202
Collection Date: 21 May 1987
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Waimea Canyon State Park; mi 11.3 on Hwy. 550. Alt. 914-1067 m.
Barcode: 00466412 US Sheet Number: 03261867    

Collected by: Little Jr., E.L. No. 31100
Collection Date: 24 Aug 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, E part of Maui, Pukalani,. Alt. 488 m.
Barcode: 00452666 US Sheet Number: 03283634    

Collected by: Lorence, D.H.; Flynn, T. No. 6434
Collection Date: 30 Apr 1990
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Waimea District, Haele'ele Valley (between Haele'ele and Polihale Ridges), from Polihale State Park to 200 m altit. Naturalized.. Alt. 0-200 m.
Barcode: 00439868 US Sheet Number: 03260889    

Collected by: Garber, D.W. No. 537
Collection Date: 27 Feb 1921
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Right fork, Palolo Valley.. Alt. 213 m.
Barcode: 00426576 US Sheet Number: 03009491    

Collected by: Hume, E.P. No. 255
Collection Date: 30 Oct 1931
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Pupukea, Koolau Range. Alt. 61 m.
Barcode: 00426575 US Sheet Number: 02186002    

Collected by: Heller, A.A. No. 2006
Collection Date: 26 Mar 1895
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, on the island of Oahu, in Pauoa.
Barcode: 00426574 US Sheet Number: 00265008    
Sandoricum koetjape   

Collected by: Herbst, D.R. No. 5008
Collection Date: 12 Sep 1974
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Harold L. Lyon Arboretum. Along gulch between cottage H and lower garage..
Barcode: 00440962 US Sheet Number: 03281043    
Sandoricum sp.   

Collected by: Ishikawa, S.S. No. 267
Collection Date: 2 Jul 1973
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Honolulu, Middle Lawn Makai, Lyon Arboretum.
Barcode: 00463030 US Sheet Number: 02897698    
Swietenia mahogani   

Collected by: Curran, H.M. No. 115
Collection Date: Apr 1911
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu.
Barcode: 00462822 US Sheet Number: 00713030    
Toona ciliata   

Collected by: Mitchell, D. No. s.n.
Collection Date: Oct 1943
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Honolulu, Wilhelmina Rise.
Barcode: 00426571 US Sheet Number: 02186011    

Collected by: Little Jr., E.L. No. 23041
Collection Date: 2 Jun 1968
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, E part of Hawaii, Waiakea Arboretum, Waiakea Forest Preserve, 5 mi S of Hilo. Alt. 244 m.
Barcode: 00443175 US Sheet Number: 03279491    

Collected by: Little Jr., E.L. No. 31044
Collection Date: 11 Aug 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, NW part of Oahu, Mokulei Forest Reserve, 5 mi S of Haleiwa. Alt. 610 m.
Barcode: 00443164 US Sheet Number: 03277715    

Collected by: Spence, G. No. 74
Collection Date: 15 Oct 1972
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Hana, East Maui, along Hana Hwy., about 10 miles from Hana town.. Alt. 198 m.
Barcode: 00426570 US Sheet Number: 02701004    

Collected by: Bryan, L.W. No. 2
Collection Date: 26 Dec 1956
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Hilo?.
Barcode: 00426572 US Sheet Number: 03084286    

Collected by: Spence, G. No. 74
Collection Date: 15 Oct 1972
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Hana, E maui, along Hana Hwy., about 10 mi from Hana town. Alt. 198 m.
Barcode: 00426573 US Sheet Number: 02701003    

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