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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

14 records.

Morella faya   

Collected by: Spence, G. No. 326
Collection Date: 20 Oct 1973
Hawaiian Islands, Lanai, Near top of Lanaihale.. Alt. 8399 m.
Barcode: 00426509 US Sheet Number: 02897506    

Collected by: Rubtzoff, P. No. 2657
Collection Date: 13 Jul 1956
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Kukaiau Ranch. North slopes of Mauna Kea. Alt. 11483 m.
Barcode: 00426513 US Sheet Number: 02624763    

Collected by: Hutchison, P.C.; Obata, J. No. 2820
Collection Date: 16 May 1965
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, 1/2 kilometer from Mauna Kapu. Along the crest trail from Mauna Kapu to Mount Pakikea, Waianae Range. Alt. 8858 m.
Barcode: 00426514 US Sheet Number: 02470751    

Collected by: Stern, W.L.; Carlquist, S. No. 1268
Collection Date: Aug 1961
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Vicinity forest ranger station at Kokee, transition between wet and dry forest.. Alt. 11483 m.
Barcode: 00426516 US Sheet Number: 02386775    

Collected by: Herbst, D.R.; Ishikawa, S. No. 4063
Collection Date: 12 Aug 1974
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Along Stainback Highway about 2 mi above junction with Volcano Highway. Alt. 213 m.
Barcode: 00462446 US Sheet Number: 03281069    

Collected by: Little Jr., E.L. No. 31093
Collection Date: 24 Aug 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, E part of Maui, 10 mi SE of Pukalani. Alt. 1219 m.
Barcode: 00452670 US Sheet Number: 03283627    

Collected by: Wagner, W.L.; Gustafson, R.; Martin, W.C. No. 4856
Collection Date: 26 Jul 1983
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, along Crater Rim Trail, Kilauea Iki Crater, between research area and Thruston Lava Tube. Alt. 1160 m.
Barcode: 00445538 US Sheet Number: 03279535    

Collected by: Little Jr., E.L. No. 31241
Collection Date: 17 Sep 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Lanai, Lanaihale peak. Alt. 914 m.
Barcode: 00442634 US Sheet Number: 03276833    

Collected by: Fosberg, F.R. No. 29498
Collection Date: 4 Feb 1948
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Ridge between Mauna Kapu and Puu Palikea, Waianae Mountains.. Alt. 850-900 m.
Barcode: 00426515 US Sheet Number: 02431260    

Collected by: Herbst, D.R. No. 1077
Collection Date: 24 Apr 1968
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Along roadside, Kokee.. Alt. 11483 m.
Barcode: 00426510 US Sheet Number: 03032651    

Collected by: Degener, O. No. 27756
Collection Date: 11 Jun 1940
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Waipilopilo, Hauula, Forest Reserve.
Barcode: 00426511 US Sheet Number: 02503561    

Collected by: Spence, G. No. 63
Collection Date: 7 Sep 1972
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Honoliuli Forest Reserve, Waianae Mountains. At beginning of Pa-likea trail.. Alt. 8858 m.
Barcode: 00426512 US Sheet Number: 02700990    
Morella sp.   

Collected by: Hobdy, -- No. 3622
Collection Date: 11 Nov 1993
Hawaiian Islands, West Maui, W Maui, in very back of Kauaula Valley "and" Hilo, lower Stainback Hwy.. Alt. 0 m.
Barcode: 00584874 US Sheet Number: 03287455    
Myrica faya   

Collected by: Welton, P. No. 51
Collection Date: 4 Nov 1988
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, County: Honolulu; Koolau Mts.; Wa'ahila Ridge.. Alt. 0 m.
Barcode: 00595741 US Sheet Number: 03327075    

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