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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

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Erodium cicutarium   

Collected by: Wood, K.R.; Query, M. No. 11845
Collection Date: 18 Apr 2006
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Waimea District, Makaha Ridge, PMRF site.. Alt. 351 m.
Latitude: 22°7'35" N Longitude: 159°43'48" W
Barcode: 01052720 US Sheet Number: 03621934    

Collected by: Fosberg, F.R. No. 29565
Collection Date: 22 Feb 1948
Hawaiian Islands, Molokai, About 2 km WSW of Kalani, Momomi sand strip, directly S of Kaa, Kaluakoi.
Barcode: 00478120 US Sheet Number: 03308101    

Collected by: Hosaka, E.Y. No. 1599
Collection Date: 12 Sep 1936
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Humuula Sheep Station, Mauna Kea, N Hilo District. Alt. 2134 m.
Barcode: 00429153 US Sheet Number: 03018067    

Collected by: Higashino, P.K. No. 699
Collection Date: 13 Jun 1975
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Kalahaku Overlook, W crater rim. Alt. 3107 m.
Barcode: 00429152 US Sheet Number: 02881068    

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