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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

7 records.

Hygrophila corymbosa   

Collected by: Hoe, W.; Staples, G. No. 519
Collection Date: 13 Dec 1989
Hawaiian Islands.
Barcode: 00463039 US Sheet Number: 03173974    

Collected by: Hoe, W. No. 5349
Collection Date: 2 Apr 1993
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Honolulu International Airport, shipment of aquatic plants received from Singapore.. Alt. 0 m.
Barcode: 00595704 US Sheet Number: 03243193    

Collected by: Lau, J. No. 2366
Collection Date: 5 May 1986
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Waimea Arboretum & Botanical Garden.
Barcode: 00463040 US Sheet Number: 03141443    

Bauhinia corymbosa   

Collected by: Herbst, D.R. No. 5009
Collection Date: 12 Sep 1974
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, Middle lawn by garage. Accession number L-68.225..
Barcode: 00440947 US Sheet Number: 03281045    

Heritiera corymbosa   

Collected by: Fosberg, F.R. No. 60605
Collection Date: 10 Sep 1980
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Hilo.
Barcode: 00443308 US Sheet Number: 02973581    

Oldenlandia corymbosa   

Collected by: Lorence, D.H.; Iltis, H.H. No. 6611
Collection Date: 26 Sep 1990
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Lihue Dist., Lihue Airport, lawn adjacent to rental car agencies. Alt. 36 m.
Barcode: 00467953 US Sheet Number: 03276037    

Collected by: Herbst, D.R. No. 5076
Collection Date: 10 Oct 1974
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Junction of highways 18 and 19, above Kailuna Kona.. Alt. 396 m.
Barcode: 00439833 US Sheet Number: 03242480    

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