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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

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Crassocephalum crepidioides   

Collected by: Takeuchi, W. No. 5798
Collection Date: 20 May 1989
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Kaupulehu; Diopyros forest on transect T12.. Alt. 587 m.
Barcode: 00780522 US Sheet Number: 03414048    

Collected by: Nagata, K.M. No. 1423
Collection Date: 18 Jan 1977
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Upper Lawn Mauka, Upper Terrace, Honolulu.
Barcode: 00467860 US Sheet Number: 02963793    

Collected by: Nagata, K.M. No. 1654
Collection Date: 22 Jun 1978
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Lyon Arboretum.
Barcode: 00780518 US Sheet Number: 03414052    

Collected by: Plews, J.H.R. No. s.n.
Collection Date: 23 Oct 1986
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Kokee: Camp 10 Road; Garden at Plew's residence..
Barcode: 00780521 US Sheet Number: 03414049    

Collected by: Nagata, K.M. No. 1654
Collection Date: 22 May 1978
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Upper Lawn Mauka.
Barcode: 00467859 US Sheet Number: 02888334    

Collected by: Nagata, K.M. No. 1810
Collection Date: 26 Oct 1978
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Along Kamehameha Hwy on-ramp to Kam. Hwy. S near Wheeler AFB, S of Wahiawa City, Wahiawa District. Alt. 259 m.
Barcode: 00445653 US Sheet Number: 03280812    

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