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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

13 records.

Silene gallica   

Collected by: Herbst, D.R. No. 5829
Collection Date: 20 Apr 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, South Kohala District, Waikoloa, along Saddle Road about 1 mile north of Kilohana Girl Scout Camp.. Alt. 1676 m.
Barcode: 00458466 US Sheet Number: 02921147    

Collected by: Degener, O. No. 2256
Collection Date: Oct 1925
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Kolekole Pass.
Barcode: 00458472 US Sheet Number: 01454982    

Collected by: Wilbur, R.L. No. 530
Collection Date: 26 Mar 1948
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Waianae Range, South Kaaikukai Gulch. Alt. 762 m.
Barcode: 00458469 US Sheet Number: 02074760    

Collected by: Degener, O. No. 5962
Collection Date: 4 Apr 1928
Hawaiian Islands, Molokai, Hawaiian Homes Commission Homesteads, Hoolehua.
Barcode: 00458470 US Sheet Number: 01454979    

Collected by: Char, W.; Morden, C.; Caraway, V. No. 98.01
Collection Date: 29 Aug 1998
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, North Kona distr., first side road from top end of Kaloko Dr., at end of side road by radio tower and locked gate.
Barcode: 00673899 US Sheet Number: 03447663    

Collected by: Hosaka, E.Y. No. 1484
Collection Date: 13 Aug 1936
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Pauahi, Kealakekua, S Kona. Alt. 1524 m.
Barcode: 00458463 US Sheet Number: 03038514    

Collected by: Hosaka, E.Y. No. 1745
Collection Date: 26 Jan 1937
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Paeahu, Kula, Makawao. Alt. 1036 m.
Barcode: 00458464 US Sheet Number: 03014981    

Collected by: Wagner, W.L.; Mill, S.; Lammers, T.; Weller, S.; et al. No. 5546
Collection Date: 23 Jun 1985
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Pu'u Kapu Homestead, east of Waimea along Hwy. 19, Marie McDonald's Protea and cut-flower farm..
Barcode: 00458465 US Sheet Number: 03219390    

Collected by: St. John, H. No. 10352
Collection Date: 23 Feb 1930
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, N. fork of valley E. of Palikea. Waianae Mts., Honouliuli. Alt. 305 m.
Barcode: 00458468 US Sheet Number: 02695486    

Collected by: Heller, A.A. No. 2202
Collection Date: 22 Apr 1895
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, On the island of Oahu, on the lower slopes of Konahuanui, above Manoa.
Barcode: 00458473 US Sheet Number: 00264098    

Collected by: Forbes, C.N. No. 164.H
Collection Date: 15 Jun 1911
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Slopes of Hualalai above Hanehane.
Barcode: 00458474 US Sheet Number: 01596395    

Collected by: Degener, O. No. 5973
Collection Date: 13 Apr 1927
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Waimanalo.
Barcode: 00458471 US Sheet Number: 01599738    

Collected by: Fosberg, F.R. No. 29564
Collection Date: 22 Feb 1948
Hawaiian Islands, Molokai, About 2 km. W.S.W. of Kalani, Momomi sand strip, directly S. of Kaa, Kaluakoi.
Barcode: 00458467 US Sheet Number: 02430864    

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