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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

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Euchiton japonicus   

Collected by: Wagner, W.L.; Gustafson, R.; Martin, W.C. No. 4842
Collection Date: 26 Jul 1983
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Upper Waiakea Forest Reserve, along Disappointment Trail (Pu'u Maka'ala access rd.) off Stainback Hwy.. Alt. 1097 m.
Barcode: 00462475 US Sheet Number: 03280858    

Leonurus japonicus   

Collected by: Forbes, C.N. No. 2110.O
Collection Date: 5 Mar 1915
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Haleiwa.
Barcode: 00440718 US Sheet Number: 01655575    

Collected by: Forbes, C.N. No. 1790.M
Collection Date: 1 Mar 1920
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Konaie, S slope of Haleakala.
Barcode: 00780551 US Sheet Number: 03414016    

Collected by: Forbes, C.N. No. 75.M
Collection Date: May 1910
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Wainee Gulch, West.
Barcode: 00780552 US Sheet Number: 03414015    

Collected by: Brodie, H.H. No. 2b
Collection Date: 15 Apr 1930
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Iolani School.
Barcode: 00780553 US Sheet Number: 03414014    

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