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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

19 records.

Solanum lycopersicum   

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Wagner, W.L.; Herbst, D.R.; Mill, S. No. 4804
Collection Date: 4 Jun 1983
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Wawamalu Beach, jct of Kalanianaole Hwy (Hwy 72) and Kealahou.. Alt. 0 m.
Barcode: 00585082 US Sheet Number: 03280919    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Bruegmann, M.M. No. 155
Collection Date: 18 Feb 1984
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Honolulu Dist, Koko Head. In Ihiihilauakea Crater.. Alt. 60 m.
Barcode: 00585073 US Sheet Number: 03081339    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Tangalin, N. No. 1394
Collection Date: 6 Jun 2007
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Kekaha, sand road East and past Kikialoa Harbor.. Alt. 14 m.
Latitude: 21°96' N Longitude: 159°77' W
Barcode: 01053265 US Sheet Number: 03600558    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Hitchcock, A.S. No. 13837
Collection Date: 19 Jun 1916
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Honolulu, Waikiki.
Barcode: 00524084 US Sheet Number: 00769791    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Long, C.R. No. 1687
Collection Date: 2 May 1964
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Manana Island, Windward side, SE side of crater.
Barcode: 00524085 US Sheet Number: 02659208    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Strandtmann, R.W. No. s.n.
Collection Date: 12 Jun 1979
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Waimanalo, Manana island..
Barcode: 00780547 US Sheet Number: 03414021    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Smith, L. No. 74.1
Collection Date: 12 Feb 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Kawainui Marsh, ca 1.5 mi from Pali Hwy on Quarry Rd.
Barcode: 00524087 US Sheet Number: 02876746    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Degener, O. No. 19515
Collection Date: 14 Jan 1949
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Mokuleia, Waialua, back of beach.
Barcode: 00524076 US Sheet Number: 01991172    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Degener, O.; Park, K.K. No. 9957
Collection Date: 15 Jul 1935
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Kawaihapai.
Barcode: 00524077 US Sheet Number: 01716019    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Degener, O.; Shigeura, --; Takamoto, -- No. 10846
Collection Date: 23 Feb 1936
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Lahilahi.
Barcode: 00524078 US Sheet Number: 01704126    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Henrickson, J. No. 3809
Collection Date: 28 Jun 1969
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, W Maui, 7.5 mi S of Wailuku at Papawai Point. Alt. 12 m.
Barcode: 00524081 US Sheet Number: 02624422    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Herbst, D.R. No. 998
Collection Date: 29 Mar 1968
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Barking Sands.
Barcode: 00524082 US Sheet Number: 03005775    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Herbst, D.R.; Spence, G. No. 4023
Collection Date: 10 Jun 1974
Hawaiian Islands, Lanai, Waiakapuaa, NE shore of the island. Alt. 6 m.
Barcode: 00524083 US Sheet Number: 03038815    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Lorence, D.H.; Flynn, T. No. 5204
Collection Date: 5 May 1987
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Koloa Dist, Hanapepe Canyon lookout along Hwy 50, at 2.1 mi NE of Ele'ele.
Barcode: 00524086 US Sheet Number: 03261852    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Wagner, W.L.; Lorence, D. No. 5751
Collection Date: 1 Aug 1987
Hawaiian Islands, Molokai, Windward side of island, Anapuhi to Wainene.
Barcode: 00524089 US Sheet Number: 03281868    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Degener, O. No. 7406
Collection Date: 22 Mar 1930
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Along coast 2 mi E of Kaena Point.
Barcode: 00524075 US Sheet Number: 01626557    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Fosberg, F.R. No. 53662
Collection Date: 4 Apr 1971
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Polihale State Park, W side of island.
Barcode: 00524079 US Sheet Number: 02669251    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: Heller, A.A. No. 1991 or 1998
Collection Date: 25 Mar 1895
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, At base of Punchbowl.
Barcode: 00524080 US Sheet Number: 00265017    

var. cerasiforme
Collected by: St. John, H. No. 22833
Collection Date: 16 Aug 1947
Hawaiian Islands, Niihau, Kaali Cliff, Kaali Spring. Alt. 229 m.
Barcode: 00524088 US Sheet Number: 03031385    

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