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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

11 records.

Elaphoglossum parvisquameum   

Collected by: Fosberg, F.R. No. 9103
Collection Date: 11 Jun 1932 or 6 Nov 1932
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, E ridge Puu Kaua, Waianae Mts. Honouliuli. Alt. 950 m.
Barcode: 00437935 US Sheet Number: 02609343    

Collected by: Degener, O.; Degener, I. No. 31707
Collection Date: 17 Sep 1968
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Olaa Back Road, Puna. Alt. 792 m.
Barcode: 00437938 US Sheet Number: 02617765    

Collected by: Higashino, P.K. No. 1281
Collection Date: 3 Jan 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Puu Kukui, W Maui Mountains.
Barcode: 00437934 US Sheet Number: 02994607    

Collected by: St. John, H.; Cowan, R.S.; Rogers, D.P. No. 22364
Collection Date: 24 Dec 1946
Hawaiian Islands, Junction of Kulani and 15.75 Mile Road. Alt. 579 m.
Barcode: 00437937 US Sheet Number: 02994700    

Collected by: Hitchcock, A.S. No. 14362
Collection Date: 26 Aug 1916
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Waimea.
Barcode: 00437933 US Sheet Number: 00917171    

Collected by: McAlpine, B.W. No. 553
Collection Date: 11 Sep 1969
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, W Maui: Puu Kukui trail. Lower slopes.
Barcode: 00437940 US Sheet Number: 02640246    

Collected by: Wentworth, J.O. No. 15
Collection Date: 10 Oct 1969
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Jeep road to head of Honokane Gulch complex, N of Kahua Ranch, Kohala Mts.. Alt. 1219-1372 m.
Barcode: 00437942 US Sheet Number: 02746958    

Collected by: Baldwin, D.D. No. 100
Collection Date: --- 188?
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Islands.
Barcode: 00437936 US Sheet Number: 00833831    

Collected by: McAlpine, B.W. No. 530
Collection Date: 10 Sep 1969
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, E maui, above Olinda, Lower flume trail.
Barcode: 00437941 US Sheet Number: 02640247    

Collected by: Mann, H.; Brigham, W.T. No. 286
Collection Date: --- ----
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii.
Barcode: 00437932 US Sheet Number: 00072690    

Collected by: St. John, H.; Catto, R.J. No. 17941
Collection Date: 2 Jan 1937
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Kuhiwa trail, Koolau For. Res., Nahiku. Alt. 1676 m.
Barcode: 00437939 US Sheet Number: 02686036    

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