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Hawaiian Flora Specimen Query Results

18 records.

Lablab purpureus   

Collected by: St. John, H. No. 12259
Collection Date: 4 Dec 1932
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Waimanalo.
Barcode: 00464239 US Sheet Number: 01627168    

Collected by: Hitchcock, A.S. No. 15134
Collection Date: 12 Oct 1916
Hawaiian Islands, Molokai, West Molokai.
Barcode: 00464241 US Sheet Number: 00769778    

Collected by: Mann, H.; Brigham, W.T. No. s.n.
Collection Date: --- ----
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu.
Barcode: 00464242 US Sheet Number: 00090448    

Collected by: Degener, O. No. 7222
Collection Date: 24 Feb 1928
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Kailua.
Barcode: 00464238 US Sheet Number: 01599757    

Collected by: Hitchcock, A.S. No. 15245
Collection Date: 18 Oct 1916
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Olokele Gulch. Alt. 427 m.
Barcode: 00464240 US Sheet Number: 00769795    

Cenchrus purpureus   

Collected by: Degener, O.; Degener, I. No. 33401
Collection Date: 17 May 1973
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Pahoa, Puna.. Alt. 0 m.
Barcode: 00595767 US Sheet Number: 03212706    

Collected by: Herbst, D.; Spence, G. No. 5038
Collection Date: 18 Sep 1974
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Along hwy near Kailua.. Alt. 61 m.
Barcode: 00596131 US Sheet Number: 03279525    

Collected by: Takeuchi, W. No. 5757
Collection Date: May 1989
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Puuwaawaa, 1986 burn area near hwy 190. Alt. 579 m.
Barcode: 00477768 US Sheet Number: 03328813    

Collected by: Wagner, W.L.; Mill, S.; Peterson, B.; Peterson, G.; Flynn, T. No. 5193
Collection Date: 22 Dec 1983
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Jeep road between Wahiawa Bog (Kanaele Swamp) and trail to TV relay tower on Mt. Kahili. Alt. 671-701 m.
Barcode: 00462671 US Sheet Number: 03279564    

Collected by: O'Connor, P.J. No. s.n.
Collection Date: 9 May 1987
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Kawainui Air Park, Kapaa Quarry Road.
Barcode: 00443160 US Sheet Number: 03277655    

Collected by: Herbst, D.R.; Ishikawa, S. No. 5128
Collection Date: 4 Dec 1974
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, University of Hawaii Manoa Campus. Alt. 24 m.
Barcode: 00443139 US Sheet Number: 03282158    

Collected by: Smith, L. No. 57
Collection Date: 12 Jan 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Kawainui Marsh, about .5 mile from Pali Highway on Quarry Road.
Barcode: 00425906 US Sheet Number: 02876739    

Collected by: Lee, H.A. No. 118
Collection Date: --- 1924
Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, British Museum grounds, Honolulu.
Barcode: 00425910 US Sheet Number: 01295272    

Collected by: Smith, L. No. 57.2
Collection Date: 12 Jan 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Kawainui Marsh, about .5 mile from Pali Highway on Quarry Road.
Barcode: 00425905 US Sheet Number: 02876702    

Collected by: Degener, O.; Park; Shigeura; Takamoto No. 10593
Collection Date: 20 Oct 1935
Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, Hauula.
Barcode: 00425908 US Sheet Number: 01674385    

Collected by: Herbst, D.R. No. 819
Collection Date: 24 Dec 1967
Hawaiian Islands, Maui, Along roadside near Maunaolu College. Alt. 244 m.
Barcode: 00425907 US Sheet Number: 02563927    

Collected by: Spence, G. No. 367
Collection Date: 24 Oct 1973
Hawaiian Islands, Lanai, Off raod leading to Manele Bay, Pulehuloa, Central Lanai. Alt. 442 m.
Barcode: 00425903 US Sheet Number: 02897563    

Collected by: Herbst, D.R.; Ishikawa, S. No. 5671
Collection Date: 24 Feb 1976
Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, Kawaihua District, land of Waipake. Alt. 73 m.
Barcode: 00425904 US Sheet Number: 02893562    

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