Edwardsia unifoliata (Rock) O. Deg. , Fl. Hawaiiensis, fam. 196c. Edwardsia unifoliata, 2 pp.. 1932. Flora of the Hawaiian Islands --Basionym
Type Information
Sophora chrysophylla (Salisb.) Seem. var. unifoliata Rock, Hawaii, Board Agric. Forest. Bot. Bull. 5: 44 1919.
Hawai`i: North Kona, Pu`uwa`awa`a, [slopes of Hualalai, on old a`a lava flow]. 2000 ft. August 1917. J. F. Rock 13011.
Holotype [BISH]. Isotype(s) [BISH!].

Note: There are two sheets at BISH, neither was labeled "type" by Rock; the sheet illustrated as the type in the publication is taken to be the holotype.

=Sophora chrysophylla
*Verification: R.K. Shannon.

*Verification: None.