Gouldia myrsinoidea (Fosberg) O. Deg. & I. Deg. , Phytologia 15: 51. 1967. Flora of the Hawaiian Islands --Basionym
Type Information
Gouldia terminalis (Hook. & Arn.) Hillebr. var. myrsinoidea Fosberg, Brittonia 8: 176 1956.
Hawai`i: central plateau, Pu`u Keaniu. O. Degener 20966.
Holotype [NY?].

Note: Publication indicates that type was in Degener's possession at time of publication; it was not found in the type collection or the general collection at BISH (RKS, 8/95), so presumably it is at NY.

=Kadua affinis
*Verification: None.

*Verification: R.K. Shannon.