Hedyotis chamissoniana Steud. , Nomencl. bot., ed. 2, 1: 727. 1840. Flora of the Hawaiian Islands --Basionym
Type Information
Kadua affinis DC. , Prodr. 4: 431 1830.
O`ahu: s.l.. 1816- 1817. L. C. A. von Chamisso s.n..
Holotype [G-DC].

Note: de Candolle was adopting Chamisso & Schlechtendahl's (Linnaea 4: 129. 1829) mention of "Kaduae affinis" to make the binomial for a new species of Kadua (with questionable generic disposition, published as "K? affinis").

=Kadua affinis
*Verification: Wagner, W.L., D.R. Herbst, & S.H. Sohmer. 1989. Man. Fl. Pl. Hawai`i. 988pp..

Note: nom. illeg.

*Verification: None.