Pelea hawaiensis Wawra var. brighamii (H. St. John) B.C. Stone, Pacific Sci. 17: 409. 1963. Flora of the Hawaiian Islands --Basionym
Type Information
Pelea brighamii H. St. John , Lloydia 7: 271 1944.
Maui: East Maui, woods above Makawao. 1864- 1865. H. Mann and W.T. Brigham 377.
Holotype [BISH]. Isotype(s) [CU, MO!, US!].

Note: As "brighami". Mann & Brigham 377 was cited by Hillebrand (under P. cinerea) as "M. & B. 371," undoubtedly an error, since Mann & Brigham 371 is a specimen of Lipochaeta from the "sandy isthmus of Maui." RKS examined specimens at BISH, MO.

=Melicope hawaiensis
*Verification: R.K. Shannon.

*Verification: D.M. Mix.