Type Information
Astelia argyrocoma A. Heller ex Skottsb. , Bernice P. Bishop Mus. Bull. 117: 31 1934.
Kaua`i 1895. Heller 2752.
Syntype(s) [BISH! [2], F, G, GH, K, LE, MIN, MO, NY [mfc!], P].
Note: Syntypes: Hanapepe and Wahiawa watershed, 22 August (MIN); on Kaholuamanoa [Kaholuamanu], above Waimea, male, 10-16 September (BISH! [2], NY [mfc!]),1-8 October (MO, NY [mfc!]); female, ridge W of the Hanapepe River, s.d. (G, K, LE); female, Kaholuamanu, s.d. (GH, P); s.l. Skottsberg specifically did not designate a type; thus all of the collections must be considered syntypes. We refrain from designating a lectotype because the proper designation of a lectotype is complex. Collections from at least three dates are involved and the sex of each one must be determined.
*Verification: Wagner, W.L. & R.K. Shannon. 1999. Brittonia 51:422-438.