Type Information
Cyrtandra grayi C.B. Clarke , in de Candolle & de Candolle, Monogr. phan. 5(1): 218 1883.
Maui, "Um Waihee" [Maui]. s.d.. Wawra 1820a.
Lectotype [W]. Isolectotype(s) [BISH!, W!]. Lectotypified in Wagner. ined..
Note: Clarke cites four collections, three that are C. garnotiana from O`ahu [W. Hillebrand 330 (K), Seemann 2277 (K), Barclay s.n. (BM)]. Only Wawra 1820a from Maui represents the present species. Although Clarke only cited Wawra 1820 he annotated Wawra 1820a; Wawra 1820b is type of C. triflora Gaudich. f. robusta Wawra.
*Verification: W.L. Wagner.