Melicope balloui (Rock) T.G. Hartley & B.C. Stone , Taxon 38: 121. 1989.
*Verification: R.K. Shannon.

Type Information
Basionym: Pelea balloui Rock , Indig. trees Haw. Isl. 228 1913.
Maui, Haleakala, [trail from] Ukulele to Waikamoi [gulch]. 5000 ft. 25 October 1910. Rock and von Tempsky 8609.
Holotype [BISH]. Isotype(s) [BISH! [2], US].
Note: Epithet is spelled "Ballouii" on specimens, but named for Howard M. Ballou, and publ. as "Balloui". L. von Tempsky is given as a collector only in the pub., not on the specimen labels. RKS examined specimens at BISH
*Verification: R.K. Shannon.