Phyllostegia macrophylla (Gaudich.) Benth. , Edwards's Bot. Reg. 15: 1292. 1830.
*Verification: R.K. Shannon; Wagner, W.L. 1999. Novon 9:265-279.

Type Information
Basionym: Prasium macrophyllum Gaudich. , Voy. Uranie 453 1829.
550 to 735 m. 1819. Gaudichaud-Beaupré s.n..
Holotype [P].
Note: Based on the distribution of this species, Gaudichaud probably collected the type on Hawai`i. St. John treated this collection as mixed, using the short infructescence as the holotype of P. interrupta H. St. John.
*Verification: W.L. Wagner.