Type Information
Basionym: Tetraplasandra waimeae Wawra , Flora 56: 158 1873.
Kaua`i, Halemanu. December-May 1869- 1870. Wawra 2114.
Holotype [W].
Note: Holotype mounted on 3 sheets. Photos at BISH are labeled "photo of syntype."
*Verification: None.

Basionym: Tetraplasandra waimeae Wawra var. angustior Sherff, Bot. Leafl. 6: 26 1952.
Kaua`i, in and near bog at head of Wahiawa [Stream]. 21 August 1895. Heller 2734.
Holotype [PH]. Isotype(s) [BM, K, NY, P! [3], UC].

Note: Collection 2734, pro parte. Only part of this material distributed under this number are primary types for this entity. Other collections distributed as Heller 2734 were made in and near bog at head of Wahiawa stream, 12 August (A), 19 October (US [photo F]); along Hanapepe River, near the falls, 14 August (GH [photo F]); between Hanapepe and Wahiawa rivers, 24 August (MO); on Kaholuamanoa [Kaholuamanu], 2-9 September (CU), 10-16 September (BISH [photo F], P [2]). Sherff cited the A, BISH, and P (10-16 September collection of the latter) sheets as paratypes, and cited the GH, MO, NY, UC, and US sheets under T. waialealae var. wahiawensis. There is an additional sheet at BISH as well as a sheet at W, the dates of which are not known.
*Verification: Wagner, W.L. & R.K. Shannon. 1999. Brittonia 51:422-438.