Type Information
Viola oahuensis C.N. Forbes , Occas. Pap. Bernice P. Bishop Mus. 4(3): 216. 1909.
O`ahu, Punalu`u Mts.. 14-21 November 1908. Forbes and Rock.
Holotype [BISH]. Isotype(s) [BISH! [2], US].
Note: Forbes erroneously published month as September; all 3 sheets and his field notes say November. One of the BISH sheets gives the year as 09, but the other sheets, Forbes' publication, and Forbes' notes all say 08. St. John (Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 111: 184) lectotypified based on Rock's 1911 list of specimens examined. However, lectotypification is unnecessary, because Forbes' publication and his field notes indicate only one collection, and the BISH sheets are clearly labelled (in Forbes' handwriting) as types.
*Verification: R.K. Shannon, W.L. Wagner.