Flora of the Marquesas
   Araliaceae -- The Ginseng Family
General Information
DistributionWidespread in the Pacific, from New Zealand, Norfolk Island, New Guinea, and the Palau Islands in the west to the Marquesas and Tuamotus in the east, with about 37 species, 10 of which remain to be described. The center of diversity is in New Caledonia.
Dioecious (or sometimes monoecious?) trees or shrubs, stems often thick, succulent.
Leaves simple, the blades usually entire, short petiolate.
Inflorescences racemose or paniculate, the flowers sessile, unisexual, crowded, capitulate or congested on ultimate inflorescence branchlets (heads or separate flowers bracteate), the female flower larger than the male; calyx limb 3-5 dentate or obsolete; petals 4 or 5 (-9?), valvate, sometimes subpersistent; stamens (3?-)4 or 5 (-9?) (sterile or lacking in female flowers), the filaments filiform, the anthers ovate-oblong; ovary (rudimentary or none in male flowers) 5-12-celled, with free, often recurved styles.
Fruits congested, usually capitate, ovoid to globose or oblate, often laterally connate, sometimes costate, the disk in fruit subcallose, the styles long-persistent, the exocarp fleshy, the pyrenes compressed.
Pyrenes compressed.

David Lorence