Flora of the Marquesas
Dicotyledon Literature for Oparanthus teikiteetinii
Shannon & Wagner 1997.
   Asteraceae -- The Sunflower Family Bibliography
      Oparanthus teikiteetinii (J. Florence & Stuessy) R.K. Shannon & W. L. Wagner
General Information

DistributionMarquesas Islands. In the Marquesas, endemic to Nuku Hiva.
HabitatIn mesic to wet forest, ravines and steep slopes
Elevation990-1050 m
Tree to 12 m tall and trunk to 35 cm in diameter, bark gray, brown on younger stems, wood cream colored; young stems circular in cross section, densely hirsute, the hairs multicellular, crinkled, spreading to antrorsely appressed, reddish brown to black (reddish in dried specimens).
Leaves relatively thin, the blade elliptic to ovate or occasionally obovate, 5-24 cm long, 2.5-15 cm wide, hirtellous when young, the abaxial surface densely so, becoming sparsely hirtellous, mainly along midrib, or glabrate, secondary veins (6-)7-12(-18) mm apart, tertiary venation reticulate, margins entire, at least sometimes dentate-apiculate on young actively growing shoots, apex acute to obtuse, rarely mucronate, base obtuse, occasionally truncate or oblique; petioles 1.5-13 cm long, hirtellous, pubescence densest on adaxial surface, the flared part (0.6-)1-2 cm long.
Capitula solitary or in clusters of 3, rarely in clusters of 2, 14-20 mm in diameter, 16-25 mm high, peduncles 25-73 mm long, hirsute, glabrate. Involucre abruptly campanulate; involucral bracts 12, in 3 series, 7-12 mm long, becoming lignified in fruit, free or connate at the base, glabrous, the external ones thick and broadly triangular, the internal ones usually shorter and wider, sometimes elliptic. Receptacular bracts of the ray florets 7-8 mm long, those of the disk florets 10-12.5 mm long. Ray florets 20-30, in 2-4 series, corolla tube and throat 7 mm long, lamina 2-4 mm long, shallowly or rarely deeply 3(4)-lobed. Disk florets 50-60, corolla tube and throat 6-8 mm long, the lobes 3.5 mm long.
Ray achenes elliptic, 6-8 mm long, distinctly winged, the wings 1-2 mm wide, extending beyond the achene apex as an awn, also with 1-2 linear deciduous awns arising from median achene veins. Disk achenes 8-9 mm long, with 2 awns.
Warren Wagner