Secondary Products of Red Algae

Red algae (Rhodophyta) Carrageenan is made from Gigartina stellata, Chondrus crispus and Eucheuma.

Carrageenan (carrageenin, carragheen) is similar to agar, but requires higher concentrations to form gels.

Red algae (Rhodophyta) Agar is made from Gelidium, Gracilaria, Pterocladia and Ahnfeltia.

Agar is another colloidal agent used for thickening, suspending, and stabilizing. However, it is best noted for its unique ability to form thermally reversible gels at low temperatures.

Applications using Red Algae


FOOD (Nondairy):Frozen foods, Dessert gels, Pastry fillings Fruit juices, Syrups, Jams & Jellies, Bakery icings, Sauces and gravies, Relishes, Pimiento strips, Cooked/ instant puddings, Salad dressings, Chiffons

FOOD (Dairy):Whipped toppings, Milk shakes, Skim milk, Evaporated milk, Chocolate milk, Cheeses, Cottage cheese, Infant formulas, Flans and custards, Yogurt, Instant breakfasts, Ice cream

INDUSTRIAL:Air freshener gels, Tertiary oil treatment, Cleaners, Enzyme immobilization, Electrophoretic media, Chromatographic media

MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL:Laxatives, Baulking agents, Capsules and tablets, Lotions and creams, Shampoos, Ulcer products, Toothpastes


FOOD (Nondairy): Frozen foods, Dessert gels, Bakery icings, Candies, Meringues, Fruit juices

FOOD (Dairy):Cheeses, Yogurt

INDUSTRIAL:Paper sizing / coatings, Microtomy media, Adhesives, Electrophoretic media, Textile printing / dyeing, Chromatographic media, Castings and impressions, Conductivity bridges

MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL:Laxatives, Capsules and tablets, Baulking agents, Suppositories, Radiology suspending agents, Anticoagulants