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The idea of turning the rich content of this important publication into an Internet product for all to appreciate sprang from the fertile daydreams of co-editor Jane Villa-Lobos, who shepherded the effort in the early months before retiring to the sunny confines of Florida. With the complete cooperation of the publishers, The World Wildlife Fund For Nature-International ( and The World Conservation Union - IUCN (, and financial support from The World Wildlife Fund - U.S. (, we embarked on a six-month task of converting this milestone work for the web and successfully stretched it out over the next three years. 

The conceptual design, color palette, the majority of graphics and the three image maps were created by Laurie Minor-Penland of Silver Web Ltd. ( A digital version of the text of the volume was graciously made available to us by Alan Hamilton of WWF-International. 

Thanks also go to Gary Krupnick for consolidating the introduction and providing editorial assistance in the latter stages of the project; Ellen Farr for providing emergency medical services to the wide range of software and web design problems we encountered; and Kate Eldred for appearing out of nowhere to assess needs for the stretch run and competently knit together the final product.  Kate was funded by the U.S. Global Change Research Program to put together a web site that showcases Smithsonian research pertaining to global change (

A special note of appreciation goes to Don French who, as a volunteer, digitally scanned every map, photograph, and table on this site. After committing over 500 pages of text to HTML, he reformatted the entire document to make it more readable, then edited each chapter against the published volume. He meticulously coded each diacritical mark, ensuring consistency with the published work, then began the process of piecing together over 350 web pages into a coherent presentation. Clearly, without his participation, this site would not exist. 

Rusty Russell
Collections Manager
United States National Herbarium

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