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Centres of Plant Diversity: The Americas: North America
Middle America and the Caribbean Middle American Regional Overview

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Map of Middle America showing the research areas.

MA1: Lacandon Rainforest
MA2: Uxpanapa-Chimalapa Region
MA3: Sierra de Juárez, Oaxaca
MA4: Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Region
MA5: Canyon of the Zopilote Region
MA6: Sierra de Manantlán Region and Biosphere Reserve
MA7: Pacific Lowlands, Jalisco; Chamela Biological Station and Cumbres de Cuixmala Reserve
MA8: Upper Mezquital River Region-Sierra Madre Occidental
MA9: Gómez Farias Region and El Cielo Biosphere Reserve
MA10: Cuarto Ciénegas Region
MA11: Apachian/Madrean Region of SW North America
MA12:Central Region of Baja California Peninsula

MA13: Petén Region and Maya Biosphere Reserve
MA14: Sierra de Las Minas Region

MA15: NE Honduras and Rio Plátano Biosphere Reserve
MA16: Braulio Carrillo-La Selva Region
MA17: La Amistad Biosphere Reserve
MA18: Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park

CB3: Cajalbana Tableland and Preluda Mt. Region
MA17: La Amistad Biosphere Reserve
MA19: Cerro Azul-Cerrp Jefe Region
MA20: Darién National Park

CB10: Blue and John Crow Mountains
CB11: Cockpit Country

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