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Centres for Plant Diversity and Endemism, North America Site NA16, California Floristic Province, California and Oregon, U.S.A.; Baja California, Mexico
North America References Site NA16c, Klamath-Siskiyou region, California and Oregon, U.S.A.
Site NA29, Central Highlands of Florida, U.S.A. Site NA16e & NA25, North American Serpentine Flora, U.S.A., Canada
Site NA32, Edwards Plateau, Texas, U.S.A. Site NA16g, Vernal Pools, California, U.S.A.; Baja California, Mex

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Caribbean Regional Overview Site MA9, Gómez Farías Region and El Cielo Biosphere Reserve
Mexico: Regional Overview Site MA10, Cuatro Ciénegas Region, Mexico
Central America Regional Overview Site MA11, Apachian/Madrean Region of South-Western North America, Mexico, U.S.A.
Middle America References Site MA12, Central Region of Baja California Peninsula, Mexico
Site MA1, Lacandon Rain Forest Region, Mexico Site MA13, Petén Region and Maya Biosphere Reserve, Guatemala
Site MA2, Uxpanapa-Chimalapa Region, Mexico Site MA14, Sierra de las Minas Region and Biosphere Reserve, Guatemala
Site MA3, Sierra de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico Site MA15, North-east Honduras and Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve, Honduras
Site MA4, Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Region, Mexico Site MA16, Braulio Carrillo-La Selva Region, Costa Rica
Site MA5, Canyon of the Zopilote River Region, Mexico Site MA17, La Amistad Biosphere Reserve, Costa Rica, Panama
Site MA6, Sierra de Manantlán Region and Biosphere Reserve, Mexico Site MA18, Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica
Site MA7, Pacific Lowlands, Jalisco: Chamela Biological Station and Cumbres de Cuixmala Reserve, Mexico Site MA19, Cerro Azul-Cerro Jefe Region, Panama
Site MA8, Upper Mezquital River Region, Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico Site MA20, Darién Province and Darién National Park, Panama
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Link to South America Regional Overview

South America Regional Overview Site SA23, South-eastern Santa Cruz, Bolivia
South America overview, References Site SA24, Llanos de Mojos Region, Bolivia
Site SA1, Coastal Cordillera, Venuezela Site SA25, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
Site SA2, Pantwpui Region, Venezuela Site SA26, Sierra Nevada del Cocuy-Guantiva, Colombia
Site SA3, Saul Region, French Guiana Site SA27, Páramo de Sumapaz Region, Colombia
Site SA4, Transverse Dry Belt, Brazil Site SA28, Region of Los Nevados National Park, Colombia
Site SA5, Manaus Region, Brazil Site SA29, Colombian Central Massif, Colombia
Site SA6, Upper Rio Negro Region, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela Site SA30, Volcanoes of Nariñense Plateau, Colombia, Ecuador
Site SA7, Chiribiquete-Araracuara-
Cahuinarí Region, Columbia
Site SA31, Parámos and Andean Forests of Sangay National Park, Ecuador
Site SA8, Yasuni National Park and Waorani Ethnic Reserve, Ecuador Site SA32, Huancabamba Region, Peru, Ecuador
Site SA9, Iquitos Region, Peru, Columbia Site SA33, Peruvian Puna, Peru
Site SA10, Tambopata Region, Peru Site SA34, Altoandina, Argentina, Chile
Site SA11, Lowlands of Manu National Park: Cocha Cashu Biological Station, Peru Site SA35, Anconquija Region, Argentina
Site SA12, Atlantic Moist Forest of Southern Bahia, Brazil SA36, Madidi-Apolo Region, Bolivia
Site SA13, Tabuleiro Forests of Northern Espírito Santo, Brazil Site SA37, Eastern Slopes of Peruvian Andes, Peru
Site SA14, Cabo Frio Region,
Site SA38, Gran Sumaco and Upper Napo River Region, Ecuador
Site SA15, Mountain Ranges of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Site SA39, Colombian Pacific Coast Region, Colombia
Site SA16, Serra do Japi, Brazil Site SA40, Ecuadorian Pacific Coast Mesic Forests, Ecuador
Site SA17, Juréia-Itatins Ecological Station, Brazil Site SA41, Cerros de Amotape National Park Region, Peru
Site SA18, Mbaracayú Reserve, Paraguay Site SA42, Lomas Formations, Peru
Site SA19, Caatinga of North-eastern Brazil, Brazil Site SA43, Lomas Formations of the Atacama Desert, Chile
Site SA20, Espinhaço Range Region, Brazil Site SA44, Mediterranean Region and La Campana National Park, Chile
Site SA21, Distrito Federal, 
Site SA45, Temperate Rain Forest, Chile
Site SA22, Gran Chaco, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia Site SA46, Patagonia, Argentina, Chile
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