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The BCN Bibliography, published in all issues of the Biological Conservation Newsletter, includes over 47,000 references to literature on conservation biology (from 1983 to the present). These references have been obtained from a weekly review of the new journals and books received by the Smithsonian Institution's Natural History libraries, from a monthly scan of Current Contents, and from suggestions submitted by subscribers to the newsletter.

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To search by author, enter the author's last name in the search box. It is not necessary to include the first name or initial. Remember that authors may be persons (including co-authors, editors, compilers, etc.), or names of organizations, agencies, conferences, etc. (for example, "iucn"). Keyword and author searches are wildcard searches so a search for 'Peters' will return names like 'Peterson', and a search for 'water" will return keywords like 'freshwater'.

To learn about adding your own references to the BCN Bibliography, go to the Submissions Page for instructions.

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