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Ostreopsis belizeanus

EMu Holotype Specimen Record

Ostreopsis belizeanus holotype plate

Figs 6-10. Cells of Ostreopsis belizeanus sp. nov. Figs 6-9. Scanning electron microscopy. Fig. 6. Morphology of epithecal plates and position of apical pore plate (Po). Fig. 7. Hypothecal plates. Fig. 8. In the cingulum, the ventral opening (Vo) is located adjacent to a ridged plate (Rp). Fig. 9. Apical pore plate includes a narrow apical pore (Po) located off-center. Thecal surface laced with round pores (arrows). Fig. 10. Epifluorescence light microscopy of epithecal plates.

Reference: Faust, M.A. 1999. Three new Ostreopsis species (Dinophyceae): O. marinus sp. nov., O. belizeanus sp. nov., and 0. caribbeanus sp. nov. Phycologia 38: 92-99.

EMu: HOLOTYPE SEM NEGATIVE # 211053; SEM STUB # 211; FIELD # 1005-96;  ACCESSION # 2002408; CATALOG # 1541; FIGURE # 6.                                                                                    



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