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Ostreopsis labens

Ostreopsis labens holotype plate

FIGS. 1-7. Ostreopsis labens sp. nov. FIGS. 1-3. Light microscope views. Scale bar = 25 μm. Cells contain chloroplasts and a spherical posterior nucleus (n). FIG.1. Cell is in epithecal view. FIG. 2. Location of nucleus stained with DAPI. FIG.3. Hypothecal plates partially separated with numerous pores. Cell with an engulfed prey organism (arrowhead); red color not detected on a black and white print. FIGS. 4-7. Cells viewed with SEM. FIG. 4. Cell is broadly ovoid in epithecal view. Note the curved, long apical pore (Po) located off-center (arrow). Scale bar =10 µm. FIG. 5. Cell is in hypothecal view. Cell is smooth with scattered pores (arrows). Scale bar =10µm. FIG. 6. Cell is slightly convex in lateral view. Note lipped, equatorial cingulum (arrowheads). Scale bar =10 µm. FIG. 7. Antapical plate 1""is with a slightly curved list (arrowhead). The sulcus narrow, recessed and hidden adjacent to plate 2"". The ventral opening (arrow) is situated on the ventral surface adjacent to a ridged plate (Rp) (asterisk). Scale bar = 5 μm.

Ostreopsis labens holotype plate

FIGS. 8-13. Ostreopsis labens sp. nov. FIG. 8. Ventral view is showing bi-convexity of the cell. Scale bar = 25 µm. FIG. 9. The 2"" is very small (arrowhead). The ventral opening with a protuberant ridge and a curved plate (Rp) are situated in the cingulum adjacent to plate 1"" and plate 1". Cingulum is smooth. Scale bar = 5 µm. FIG. 10. The ventral opening (Vo) is situated on the ventral plate (Vp). Scale bar = 5 µm. FIG. 11. Thecal surface is smooth; evenly spaced around trichocyst pores with smooth edges. Scale bar = 5 µm. FIG. 12. The apical pore (Po) is long, curved, and narrow associated with plate 2'. Row of marginal pores similar in size to thecal pores. Scale bar = 5 µm. FIG. 13. Right ventral view is unusual, recessed in sulcus. Flagellar pore opening is narrow (arrow)

Ostreopsis labens holotype plate

FIGS. 14, 15. Ostreopsis labens sp. nov. FIG. 14. Surface of cingulum is smooth, deep and narrow with equally spaced round pores (arrowheads). Scale bar = 2 μm. FIG. 15. The inner cell surface is smooth; thecal plate relatively thick with round trichocyst pores (arrows). Scale bar = 2 µm.

Reference: Faust, M.A. S.L. Morton. 1995. Morphology and ecology of the marine dinoflagellate Ostreopsis labens sp. nov. (Dinophyceae). Journal of Phycology 31: 456-463.

EMu: : HOLOTYPE SEM NEGATIVE # 170058; SEM STUB # 170; FIELD # 745-94; ACCESSION # 410840; CATALOG # 984; FIGURE # 4



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