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Ostreopsis marinus

Ostreopsis marinus holotype plate

Figs 1-5. Cells of Ostreopsis marinus sp. nov. Figs 1-4. Scanning electron microscopy. Fig. 1. Morphology of epithecal plates and position of apical pore plate are shown (Po). Fig. 2. Hypothecal plates. Fig. 3. Antapical plate 1"" is larger; plate 2"" is tiny. Thecal surface is smooth with small, evenly distributed pores (arrows). Fig. 4. The ventral opening (Vo) is situated in the cingulum adjacent to a ridged plate (Rp). Fig. 5. Epifluorescence light microscopy of hypothecal plates; Ip plate is in the center.

Reference: : Faust, M.A. 1999. Three new Ostreopsis species (Dinophyceae): O. marinus sp. nov., O. belizeanus sp. nov., and O. caribbeanus sp. nov. Phycologia 38: 92-99.

EMu: HOLOTYPE SEM NEGATIVE # 212055; SEM STUB # 212; FIELD # 96/10; ACCESSION # 2002799; CATALOG #1537; FIGURE # 1.



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