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Prorocentrum foraminosum

EMu Holotype Specimen Record

Prorocentrum foraminosum  holotype plate

Figs. 7-13. Prorocentrum foraminosum sp. nov. Fig.7. Right valve view showing the apical area, which has a narrow and shallow depression. The surface is covered with a larger number of pores but the centre is devoid of pores. Fig.8. The left valve has a flat anterior end. Left and right valves are similar in surface appearance. Fig.9. The surface is covered with scattered valve pores. Fig.10. The pores are round, equal in size and situated in shallow depressions with an opening in the centre. Fig.11. The intercalary band is smooth, cells have no marginal pores and cell shape is convex. Fig.12. The periflagellar area is narrowly triangular. The platelets appear vertical when viewed from the anterior end of the cell. There is one flagellar pore (F), one auxiliary pore (A) and 8 platelets of unequal size and shape. Fig. 13. Below the periflagellar area the flagellar opening (arrow) is observed in the cytoplasm.

Reference: Faust, M.A. 1993. Three new benthic species of Prorocentrum (Dinophyceae) from Twin Cays, Belize. Phycologia 32: 410-418.

EMu: HOLOTYPE SEM NEGATIVE # 23042; SEM STUB # 23; FIELD # 78-87; ACCESSION # 407159; CATALOG # 66: FIGURE # 7.



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