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Prorocentrum hoffmannianum

EMu Holotype Specimen Record

Prorocentrum hoffmannianum holotype plate

Figs. 13-16. . Prorocentrum hoffmannianum sp. nov. FIG.13. The Valve surface is areolated and slightly concave. FIG. 14. The body is ovoid in valve view with the maximum width behind the middle region. The body is narrow at the anterior end. FIG. 15. The cell is round in side view and convex in the middle of the valve. The flagellar pore area is attached to the right valve; surrounded by a distinct flared ridge that is V-shaped, triangular with a complex arrangement of flagellar platelets unequal in size. The intercalary band is smooth. FIG. 16. The areolae are round to ovoid with a smooth margin. Areolae are perforated by oval openings. The flagellar pore (f) (arrow) is surrounded by a flared apical collar (arrow) and is adjacent to an auxiliary pore (a). Scale bars = 200 ┬Ám.

Reference: Faust M.A.1990. Morphologic details of six benthic species of Prorocentrum (Pyrrophyta) from a mangrove island, Twin Cays, Belize. Journal of Phycology 26: 548-558.

EMu: SEM NEGATIVES # 27013; SEM STUB # 27; FIELD # 132-88; ACCESSION # 407160; CATALOG # 22; FIGURE # 13.



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