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Prorocentrum maculosum

EMu Holotype Specimen Record

Prorocentrum maculosum holotype plate

Figs. 1-6. . Prorocentrum maculosum sp. nov. Fig.1. Appearance of the right valve, including the periflagellar area. The valve surface is rugose with scattered poroids and the centre of the valve is devoid of poroids. The cell margin is surrounded by a row of marginal pores. Fig.2. In left valve view. The anterior end is flat to slightly concave and the centre of this valve is devoid of pores. Fig.3. Unevenly distributed kidney-shaped to circular or oblong valve pores are present on the valves. Fig.4. Distinct ridge appears as a flange around the cell, with a row of equally spaced marginal pores. Fig.5. The periflagellar area, set in a V-shaped depression, is a broad triangle with a raised margin. Flagellar pore (F) and auxiliary pore (A) are about equal in size and are surrounded by a curved and flared apical collar. Fig.6. The apparently protuberant apical collar viewed from the side.

Reference: Faust, M.A. 1993. Three new benthic species Prorocentrum (Dinophyceae) from Twin Cays, Belize. Phycologia 32: 410-418.

EMu: Holotype SEM negative # 40012; SEM stub #140; Field # 66-87; Accession # 407159; Catalog # 60; Figure # 1.



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