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Prorocentrum ruetzlerianum

EMu Holotype Specimen Record

Prorocentrum ruetzlerianum holotype plate

Figs. 21-24. . Prorocentrum ruetzlerianum sp. nov. Fig. 21. The body is ovoid and covered with pentagonal areolae. FIG. 22. The cell is round in side view and convex in the middle of the valve, where each deep depression (areola) has a small circular opening (arrow). Scale bars = 200 µm. FIG.23. Intercalary band is broad, transversely rugose, the sinuous rugae being unique to this species. FIG 24. The periflagellar area is flat, has a triangular orientation set into a shallow, V-shaped depression of the right valve, and composed of platelets of unequal size and shape. Flagellar pore (f), and auxiliary pore (a). The two flagella are not present. Scale bars = 200 µm.

Reference: M.A. 1990. Morphologic details of six benthic species of Prorocentrum (Pyrrophyta) from a mangrove island, Twin Cays, Belize. Journal of Phycology 26: 548-558.

EMu: SEM NEGATIVE # 23012; SEM STUB # 23; FIELD # 78-87; ACCESSION # 407159; CATALOG # 30; Figure # 21.



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