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Prorocentrum sculptile

EMu Holotype Specimen Record

Prorocentrum sculptile holotype plate

Figs. 8-13. Prorocentrum sculptile sp. nov. FIG.8. Cell shape is broadly ovate with a rounded, indented, anterior area in left valve view. FIG.9. Anterior end on the cell in right valve view is a deep-sculptured indentation. FIG.10. The posterior-lateral view is ellipsoid. The intercalary band is smooth. FIG.11. The valve surface has shallow depressions of variable shapes, round to oblong with smooth margins. Trichocyst pore openings that are round, similar in size, and at times open or closed are situated in some of the depressions (arrows). FIG.12. The periflagellar area on the right valve has a deep, V-shaped, narrow, 7-8-┬Ám-long curved depression and an inclined, thin, apical structure (arrows). The transverse flagellum (arrowheads) is shown. FIG.13. Ejected trichocysts are situated in furrowed depressions on the valve surface (arrows).

Reference: Faust, M.A. 1994.Three new benthic species of Prorocentrum (Dinophyceae) from Carrie Bow Cay, Belize. Journal of Phycology 30: 755-763.

EMu: HOLOTYPE SEM NEGATIVE #133051; SEM stub # 133; Field # 556-92; Accession # 407166; Catalog # 92; Figure # 8.



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