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Prorocentrum tropicalis

Prorocentrum tropicalis  holotype plate

Figs. 7-12. Prorocentrum tropicalis sp. nov. FIG.7. Cells are broadly oval in valve view. The valve surface is rugose with scattered poroids. The cell margin has a ledge. The anterior end of the left valve is flat to slightly concave. FIG. 8. The right valve of a newly divided cell, the margin is narrow. FIG, 9. Periflagellar area on right valve at the anterior end of a cell; a ridge appears around the cell. The ridge is granular and horizontally striated (arrowheads). FIG. 10. Apical view of a cell. Flagella are not shown. FIG. 11. Periflagellar area is abroad triangle with a raised margin, unornamented. Flagellar pore (F) and auxiliary (A) pore are unequal in size. The valve surface is rugose with evenly distributed poroids; at the center of a poroid, a small round dome is situated. FIG. 12. A flexible, short, tubular, peduncle-like structure (arrow) emerges from the flagellar pore.

Reference: Faust, M.A. 1997. Three new benthic species of Prorocentrum (Dinophyceae) from Belize. Journal of Phycology, 33: 851-858.

EMu: Holotype SEM negative #159090; SEM #133; Field # 556-92; Accession # 407166; Catalog # 1420; Figure # 9.        



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